Issue with Read/Write Objects

If I Just start the scene normally, I get zero errors everything works. But if I load the scene from the title screen, I get errors on every game object in my scene. Why is this happening?


These error messages have been improved in the current beta.
Essentially, Unity prevents the pathfinding scripts from reading the mesh data unless read/write has been enabled in the mesh import settings. This means the recast graph cannot scan those meshes.

Unity is a bit inconsistent with enforcing this in the editor, but in a standalone game you would get this every time.

This is happening in play mode, Should I go through each of the 1500 models and enable read/write?

If you want to scan the recast graph in play-mode all meshes it uses needs to be read/write, yes.

However, you can use colliders instead (see recast graph settings). Or you could use caching to avoid generating the graph during runtime (see Saving and Loading Graphs - A* Pathfinding Project), this will also improve the startup time of the game.

I literally already had to go through my entire scene and choose every game object that the Ai was colliding with, and add recast Unwalkable to each game object, that took a whole day in its self.

Ahh, Another day of changing every model to read/write enabled, this should be fun…

In the beta version (A* Pathfinding Project) there’s a convenient dialog in the recast graph settings that makes this much easier:

Should I upgrade to the beta version?

It will make this task much easier at least. The beta version has a lot of improvements in general and it’s pretty stable.

How do I remove A* completely from my project? Just delete the folder?

Yes, just delete the AstarPathfindingProject folder. Then you can import the package manager version.

Make sure you use a supported version of Unity.

I think Im using the latest version already, I’ll duplicate my project, delete the A* folder, and download the beta from the link you posted in the last reply and pray it works? or is the beta in the package manager already?

Im using Unity 2021.3.0f1

The download page will guide you through the process of adding it to the package manager.

Okay, I will try this when I return from a break, all of this is honestly draining and giving me a headache, I swear 99% of game dev is troubleshooting.

True that. Good luck, and let me know if run into any issues!

I can’t download the beta, because I don’t have an invoice #, I purchased this 3 years ago before Unity updated the asset store ><

The invoice should have been sent to your email as well.

@Skjero Sorry for jumping in your conversation, but I thought I might be able to help. I purchased around the same time as you and my invoice number was available from the Unity Asset store. The invoice number is on the Order History screen, the one you went through to get the order details.

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