Issue with points in LayeredGridGraph

I need the agents to move on the exact side points of the map. Using the built-in AIPath doesn’t work as they will fall off the edges at times. As such, my follow-up was to to create an AI script that follows the exact points.
However, when requesting the ABPath, I get the following points :

the issue is that these are not located on the map, so instead my agent will go THROUGH the hill when following them.
Is there any fix to the path points, or a way to get my agent on the edge without falling at times ?


I’m guessing you are using the FunnelModifier?
If so, try to enable the “Split At Every Portal” option.

I am using it.
With the “Split At Every Portal” option ON, the result is identical.

For reference, here is my setup

Right… This is actually a regression since I switched the algorithm for the funnel modifier for grid graphs.

You could try to edit the FunnelModifier.cs script, and change this line:

if (p.path[part.startIndex].Graph is GridGraph gg && gg.neighbours != NumNeighbours.Six) {


if (false) {