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Issue upgrading to v4.12.14 Pro


I recently upgraded A* Pathfinding Project from v4.12.12 (Pro) to v4.12.14 (Pro). I originally tried performing the upgrade from the Asset Store, but had a few problems and ended up upgrading from the package available at Everything seemed to upgrade fine, but for some reason my version number never got incremented, and the changelog in the project still shows the most recent version as v4.12.12. This is leading to me getting messages asking to upgrade the asset, when I already have. I downloaded the v4.12.14 package from the download link a second time and imported it again, but it once again did not increment my version number or changelog. Just wanted to see if you had any ideas about what I could try next.


Hey, I just ran into this issue myself.
It just looks like Aron forgot to update the version number in the AstarPath.cs file

Thanks! A buggy build script was the culprit.
This has been fixed in 4.2.15.