Issue Scanning After Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded from 3.8.7 to 4.0.7. Post upgrade, my scanned grid data disappears when I hit play. It’s not available in game and is gone when I return to edit mode and switch back to the scene view. I can Scan again and get valid/expected grid data. This wasn’t an issue in 3.8.7 - the grid data persisted corrected.

Any idea what’s going on here? Did I mess up the upgrade somehow?

And thanks for making such a great software!

My mistake, the scanned grid data is persisting through switches between edit and play mode, it just doesn’t visualize after leaving play and going back to the scene view, regardless of having the GameObject with the grid selected.


The scanned grid data shouldn’t have been persisted in 3.8.7 or in 4.0.7. Graph data is usually too large to be serialized with the scene (and the Unity Undo system struggles a lot if one tries to) so after you have exited play mode I would expect that you should have to scan the graph again.

If the graph doesn’t seem scanned when you enter play mode, make sure that A* Inspector -> Settings -> Scan On Awake is enabled (which is the default).