Is this good setting for rts game?

Hi, I’m using Recast graph and my units are using RichAI.
Monsters had RichAI too but I changed it to AIPath because it is faster and there are lot of monsters.
When there are lot of monsters (about 150) it was about 3~40 frame. But after change, it went up about 4~50 frame in unity test.
It works fine but I want to know if this setting is good or not, or if there is more good option.
Units and Monsters are 2D.
Terrain is 3D.

Thank you.

These are for monsters.


These are for Units.

This is Graph.


I take it performance is your main consideration.

If you can upgrade to version 5, then you can try out the FollowerEntity movement script, which may give you even better performance.

I tried to use it.
But they move little weird. when it starts, it curves little first and move straight.
(I think it is because my object is looking forward z axis, but they have to move x axis)
I wrote followerEntity.updateRotation = false;
I use these method
followerEntity.destination & followerEntity.SearchPath();
Also rvo doesn’t work. there is only FollwerEntity script.


You shouldn’t use a zero rotation speed, that will make it very confused.
If you don’t want the rotation to be visible, set updateRotation = false instead.

Oh, Thank you, first problem is fixed.
But RVO still doesn’t work.
Should I change something else?

It should work the same as your original RVOController.
Make sure you have an RVOSimulator in your scene.

It is weird.
I should better test more.
Thank you. :slight_smile:
By the way performance is really great compare to aipath.

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