Is there any plans for ECS support in the future?

I’ve read the other threads talking about this: Compatible with Entities (ECS) and DOTS Framework?,
but just curious if it is on the roadmap at all in the future.

I have no plans at the moment to rewrite the built-in movement scripts to use ECS. However more and more internal systems are using the unity job system.

You can write a custom movement script that uses ECS if you want.

I have integrated a hybrid and it seems to be working. I really want to get all of the pathfinding handling away from my game objects.

Currently, I am using an RVO setup and the controllers for the rvo are similar to the examples (RVOExampleAgent) and using a tiled recast graph.

Are there any gotchas or info that would be helpful as I convert the system over to ECS? any dependencies to GOs that might cause issue?