Is there any method for creating weighted Navmesh Graph?


My situation is that I have serval different Navmesh Mesh(they have huge area and are at different height), and they are connected by nodeLink, it works so well to find a path among those different navmesh (thx to A* Pathfinding Porject !!!)

Now, assume my graph is combined by navMeshA, navMeshB and navMeshC, and I have two points, both of them are stay in navMeshA. Since A* would find the shortest path, the result would be Start from point1 at navMeshA, then go into the navMeshB and finally it comes back to navMeshA to reach point2. For this kind of situation, is there any method to find a path only across the navMeshA firstly? If there is no result, then consider the navMesh connected by the nodeLink.

Thanks a lot and have a great day !


You can create a ITraversalProvider which makes all nodes a given set of graphs unwalkable for a given path.
See Utilities for turn-based games - A* Pathfinding Project