Is it possible to set "Max Nearest Node Distance" per graph?

As the title suggests, I’d like to be able to set the Settings option “Max Nearest Node Distance” depending on which Graph an agent is using. Is that possible?

I’d like my car agents (which have their own graph) not to be able to jump as far as my human agents should in search for start nodes, since I can control the car’s position at any time while human agents have a bit more freedom to move around on the map. I can’t increase the max distance for cars as well as that might make them jump to nodes not related to the current path they are on (they’re using one-way connections to move, so one node doesn’t necessarily connect to every other node on the map).


Sorry. Currently that is not possible out of the box.
You should however be able to subclass the NNConstraint class and add a custom distance constraint.