Is it possbile to mix Recast graph and Grid graph in the same scene?

I’m going to implement a city builder game in a relatively large terrain like Palworld. I’d like to know if I can manage to combine those two graphs:

  1. a recast graph for the large world which is faster for pathfinding, less memory and faster navmesh cuts if I place buidings on top of terrain
  2. buidings with multiple floors will use grid graph as they are assembled by tiles and update frequently at runtime when players are placing the tiles.

Buildings and terrain are connected with stairs so I’m wondering if we can connect them seamlessly. If there’s no out of the box solution for this kind of solution, maybe some manually handing of character movement between stairs (like off mesh link) will also do the trick too?


I strongly recommend using a single graph type. Mixing graphs is possible, but it generally leads to a lot of ugly edge cases where the agents have to move seamlessly from one graph to the other. You would have to use off-mesh links for that.
In version 5, graph updates on recast graphs are pretty fast, so I would recommend that you try using just a single recast graph first.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will test performance of graph update on recast graph first.