A* Pathfinding Project

interested in buying package


Hello, I am interested in your product but I need to know if it meets my requirements since I have purchased other packages and have not been served, such as the polarith package after spending € 84.87 I am not using it …
My game is played in an RTS that controls 1 or more units, these units can not collide with each other or step on other agents, basically what I need is the same movement that Dota2 uses.
This package can do the same movement as dota2? Thank you


Yes it can, here’s an example video:

and here’s the documentation:



While @Jarbles mentions that this package does support local avoidance, just pure local avoidance is usually not enough for Dota-like movement.
I have done experiments in a beta branch with movement that is a lot more similar to Dota however (it is based on the movement in the SC2 engine). Here is a video showing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBUdMXeeej0&feature=youtu.be

This beta can be downloaded here: https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download (click on ‘Show Older Versions’ and then download the one labelled ‘rts’).

Note that for a game like Dota, you will most likely have to write your own custom movement scripts at some point as there are so many special movement behaviors in that kind of game that using the built-in ones will likely not be enough.


Hi again, this is exactly what I need! i downloaded the dempo but I do not see this example that you show in the video.
if you implement that scene I would be willing to buy it! I am looking forward to your response