Installing beta throws several namespace related errors


On recommendation I have upgraded our project to the latest beta version, after installing, importing and recompilling I am now getting the following namespace related errors, I can’t update our core project until I can get these resolved, the errors are in the image provided as to many to copy paste to here.

Thanks in advance to any help to resolve this :smiley:


That looks like a potentially corrupt C# project file. Try to get unity to regenerate it (should be doable by deleting the original project file, Unity will then re-create it).


I just deleted these files:

unfortunatelly after regenerating and reimporting everything those 22 errors still remain, are there any other files I need to delete?



I suspect some package manager dependency is not being met. Which version of Unity are you using?

We are using Unity 2021.1.16

Odd. I tried to install it to an empty 2021.1.0 project, and it works fine.
Are you sure there are no earlier errors?

Via email:

Hi, Apparently it was visual studio causing those issues, after running updates and a full reimport everything appears to be working, I will post new topics if any issues arise.
Thanks for your time and support

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