Inculde terrain hole to scan

Hi! Perhaps a stupid question - but is it possible to ignore holes in the area and include them in the scan (that is, so that there is a path along them and they are not “cut out”). Something similar to what happened before Unity 2019 when scanning did not see holes


No, terrains never include their holes. However, I suppose you could put a mesh or collider over the hole to patch them up.

Ok…thanks for the reply)
I tried RecatMeshObj - the thing is that I build meshes dynamically and I just don’t have anything to attach it to and I need to walk on them - my question was one of the solutions what I see

If your agents are alrady walking on top of these holes, don’t you have a collider there already that you can use?

I will describe the situation a little
I use a digger, and I dig during the game - and sometimes I use a rescan of the terrain. That’s when he doesn’t include new digs, and I need him to include them - to walk on them.
Your question is completely logical and correct - thank you for it)

  • of course I came to this as well - these pits have a mesh and it is the same layer as the scan layer - I have tried various settings but still cannot get the mesh to include these pits in the graph. It seems that it does not include it, because the terrain is actually cut out in the place of digging

In principle, I got out of the situation - and reduced the grid settings and increased the allowed walking slope - in this situation, the graph covers the dug holes and you can walk on them. It’s not ideal and in fact had to sacrifice the inclusion of low and small objects in the graph scan, but it will do…
In any case, thanks for the help - it’s very nice that the developer can help