Import warnings, "Identifier uniqueness violation" for minebot

On importing A*PP, I was hit with dozens of identical warnings for “Identifier uniqueness violations”.

Full warning text: “Identifier uniqueness violation: ‘Name:minebot_front_upperleg, Type:Mesh’. Multiple Objects with the same name/type are generated by this Importer. There is no guarantee that subsequent imports of this asset will properly re-link to these targets.”

Screenshot of the error

Clicking the warning doesn’t highlight any assets but it’s likely it’s from the minebot models - expanding them shows multiple meshes sharing that name, even though the gameobject children in the prefab have unique names.

Unfortunately these warnings reappear whenever an asset is reimported, like editing any script. They’re benign but irritating, I had to remove the examples folder from my project. Just made a new project with nothing but the examples in it for the time being, if/when I need to view them.

It’d be great if you could change the model names so they don’t overlap! Using Unity 2019.3.3

Besides that I’m having a great time playing with A*PP, thanks for the amazing tool :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this started happening in recent versions of Unity. I’ll try fixing them in a coming update.

Thanks! Looking forward to it