Implemenatin of IAstarAI using AILerp as model broke after updating to 4.2+ version

I just updated to version 4.2.3 and My implementation of IAStartAI broke because i am trying to access internal variable.
I used the code present in AILerp to implement the SetPath function. In this function you can find this:

if (path.PipelineState == PathState.Created)

The PipelineState being an internal variable I can’t access it anymore since AstarPathFindingProject move into its own assembly in version 4.2.

I could use the GetState function instead to access PipelineState value, but it is marked as obsolete.

I’m not sure what i should do from there. Could you help me fix this in a correct way ?


The PipelineState property accessed in AILerp is just for convenience so that you can pass both calculated and non-calculated paths to the method. Normally when calling that method you would know if it is calculated or not, so you wouldn’t need to use that property.
I suppose it might make sense for it to be public instead of internal though.