I want Avoidance with Recast Graph

[I used Google Translator. If you see strange sentences, please understand. thank you.]

I want avoidance with Recast graph.

I have set up Recast Navmesh Graph. Since then each unit of the faction has arrived at the desired location and has been found to overlap. So I tried to put RVO in order to prevent each unit from overlapping. It was confirmed that they were avoiding each other.

However, the following problems occurred.


Please see the leftmost soldier in the photo attached above.

He does not find his way properly and tries to go straight to where he is blocked. I hope he reaches the enemy naturally. I don’t know what to do. I wonder that.

Here is the script for this asset I’m using.

Object name : A* -> AstarPath

Object name : RVOSimulator -> RVOSimulator / RVONavmesh

Object name : Minion -> Seeker / AIPath / FunnelModifier / AIDestinationSetter / RVOController

‘Minion’ Objects have Rigidbody and Sphere Collider.

They turn ‘CanSearch’ and ‘CanMove’ on ‘AIPath Component’ when the enemy is far away. And when the enemy gets close, we do the opposite. I did not touch ‘Locked’ and ‘LockWhenNotMoving’ in ‘RVOController’.

Please let me know what I should do. Please.

Thanks for reading.