I purchased the package after 2016-07-24, but Asset Store still shows $50 upgrade price

Hello, I purchased the product on 2016-12-02, so according to the website the upgrade should be free. Unity Asset Store price for the upgrade is showing $50. How can I get this fixed?



Are you sure you are logged in to the Asset Store with the correct account?
Sometimes it also seems that the Asset Store will show the price as $50, but once you add it to your shopping cart it will show up as $0.

Hi, Aron. Yes, it’s the correct account (the only one I have, actually). After adding to cart, even clicking through to checkout, it still says $50 for the price.

Ok. Do you think you could send me your original invoice number in a PM so I could take a look at it?

Will do, thanks! I’m sorry, how do I send a PM? I’m looking around for a messaging button, but I don’t see it. Maybe because I’m new on the forum?

You can click on my the icon next to my name. That will show a small overlay popup with a ‘Message’ button.

Yeah, it doesn’t look like I have the message button on mine.

Ok. Might be disabled for new users. I have sent you a PM, you should be able to respond to it.