How well does this work with 2D Toolkit?

I’m looking for a navmesh solution that works with edge colliders. I have the polynav2D library but it turns out it only works with box and polygon colliders. For those who don’t know, 2D Toolkit will optimize your tilemap colliders into edge colliders. My research says there probably isn’t a ready made solution but I was hoping A* Pathfinding Project had been updated.

They’ve worked well together for me, no problems with colliders.

I guess I should be more specific. Can it generate a nav mesh from the tilemap that has edge colliders?

I’ve used it with tk2D tilemaps, no issues there. I think I changed sprite colliders as boxes, but as you said they are still probably optimized as edges. Works without issues nevertheless :blush:

Edit: You did mention navmesh, only used grid myself

Yea grid and navmesh generation with 2D Toolkit are two completely different things.

Sorry to bump this but has anyone successfully integrated these two using navmesh?