How to use "EndPointGridGraphSpecialCase" on ABPath

I have a problem, which seems to be solved by using: EndPointGridGraphSpecialCase.

But honestly I am not sure how to use this. At the end of the day, I am just assigning a destination to the AIPath. My path calculations are more so used to detect which object is blocking my path, and then i return that position to my AIPath Destination to go to.

In the picture above, you can see it’s the same problem that the EndPointGridGraphSpecialCase solves, I just don’t know where to set that to true.


The EndPointGridGraphSpecialCase only applies to single node obstacles. It does not apply to large obstacles like the one you are trying to use it for here. It is always enabled.
One trick that can be useful if you are navigating to the exact center of an obstacle, is to shift the destination sliightly towards the character’s current position. That way, the path will go to the part of the obstacle that is closest to the agent.

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Thanks, that clarifies!