How to import example scenes?

Hi. I’ve ben trying to import the example scenes but I’m apparently very dense. I’ve done the import half a dozen times, made sure the ExampleScenes~ folder is ticked. Unity acts like it is doing something, but I’ve gone through all folders and I cannot find the example scenes. I have all packages displaying so I can see the A* project foldere. I’m in Unity 2022.3.23f1.

So I did some poking around and found that folder was downloaded. I remove the tilde and it showed up in Unity. Is that the way it’s supposed to work? I didn’t find anything in the documentation about that.


Did you check the installation guide? There’s a section about this.

Sorry, I guess I missed it because I went straight here:

Where I read “If you are using the Unity Package Manager, you may have to import the examples scenes separately, using a button in the package manager.”

I looked for the button mentioned and Googled for some help on that but didn’t find anything. I didn’t think to go back to the installation instructions for more info on example scenes. My bad! Thanks!

Alright. I have clarified this paragraph in the documentation for the next update.