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How to achieve organic movement of groups?

One big issue I have when working with 10+ agents is that if they all have roughly the same destination, thay all choose the exact same path, creating a “worm” of agents following each other, it looks very un-natural. Any advice on what I can do to avoid this behaviour and instead have them choose similar but different paths?

2 Parts to this, first sending multiple agents to the exact same position tends to make it difficult either way, A* will find the most optimal path so it’s only normal that the paths merge / overlap.
You could change the endReachedDistance so that agents are allowed to consider pathing to be complete in a larger area around the destination. Though implementing your own system to find a destination for each agent would be more ideal.

Take a look at local avoidance also though only available in the pro version it allows agents to navigate through and around groups.


Even if its just roughly the same position the path is often the same, so solution 1 does not really work.

I already have pro and use RVO, RVO does not prevent agents from following each other, it simply prevents them from overlapping. So you still get the long konga-line of agents going to the same area.

Is there no way to add some “noise” to the pathing somehow?