How i can calculated NormalizedSpeed in client when movement run in to server?

Hello, since the movement is always executed on the server, on the client I have disabled all the AIPath, RVOController, etc. components. Since the client has all these components disabled, how can I calculate NormalizedSpeed in the client without having to calculate it on the server and send this value over the network?
// Calculate the velocity relative to this transform’s orientation
Vector3 relVelocity = transform.InverseTransformDirection(this.MiAIPath.velocity);
relVelocity.y = 0;

// Speed relative to the character size
float vVelAnterior = this.Animator.GetFloat(“NormalizedSpeed”);
float vVelActual = relVelocity.magnitude / this.Animator.transform.lossyScale.x;


Taking advantage of the same post to not create more, I need to know how I can follow another agent all the time without the speed decreasing every time the route is recalculated, currently I do this continuously:
if (MiSeeker.IsDone())
{ = this.TargetAgent.transform.position;
this.MyAIPath.destination =;


I think you do need to send it over the network. Alternatively I guess you could try to approximate the velocity from the position of the agent as it moves.

The speed shouldn’t be decreasing every time the path is recalculated. It may decrease if it gets close enough to the target (depends on the slowdown distance setting) or if it has to turn significantly.

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ok,the normalizedspeed problem was mine, sorry