How can i make enemies surroud player?

how can i make enemies surroud player?
i want to make enemies like B not A.
but i dont know how can i do this… T.T

my boss will fire me soon… help me please…

could you teach me?
help me T.T


The simplest approach is to simply order the units to different points (e.g in a circle around the target) instead of ordering them all to the same point. This is very game specific so it is not something that this package provides. Many games disable collisions between units at this stage to make it easier for them to get to the correct positions around the target.

I’m also looking for the same solution. Local avoidance doesn’t seem to actually mean pathing around other units. It’s more like… slide on by awkwardly.

From my understanding, there’s no way to have your units understand that other units are in their way without extra work with raycasts or colliders… I think.

Aron - Is it possible to add some intelligence to the seekers and have them path around units? Is this possible in general? Or what about re-pathing if a box collider hits a friendly unit? Any suggestions at tackling this? Is it even possible for seekers to know what units are in the seen if they aren’t static and baked?