Hexagonal Grid Graph has non-hexagonal preview?

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be this way. I haven’t used hexagonal grid graphs before, but the preview of it doesn’t look like what i imagine it should look like at all:

Do i have to interpret this preview in some special way?


True, the preview currently shows the underlaying grid. If you scan the graph you’ll see hexagons.

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The result still matches the skewed area though.
I guess hexagonal is by default expected to be isometric as well (atleast it seems to match the same skewed shape)?
Is there a way to make the covered area square?


No. Internally, the hexagonal graph is implemented using a grid graph (since they are isomorphic to each other). However, this means that the covered region is also shaped like a diamond.
You can make the hexagonal graph larger to cover your desired part of the world.