Handles in scene dissapear


When I’m adjusting the navmesh, moving objects, and seeing what it looks like, sometimes, when rescanning the navmesh multiple times, the transform handles disappear, so it makes it really hard to move and rotate/Scale objects.

This only happens if I had an inspector with the “Pathfinder” open, no matter if is in a separate “Inspector” or just in the main one. (in inspector debug mode it works fine)

P.S Also, the Scan button in the scene one day was gone and never came back; is correct?


Can you reliably replicate this?

No, it’s there as long as you select the Pathfinder component.

Right now, I have a heavy workload, but in a few weeks, I will try to replicate it with more information :+1:

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I was not looking for it, but it happened right before me so that I could notice it.

It happened to me multiple times today, as follows:

  1. Opening a scene with a recast navmesh
  2. Locking the object with the pathfinding in the inspector (the lock icon)
  3. Selecting another object with handles (the inspector will keep the A* since it is locked)
  4. Changing some code and having a domain reload.
  5. Handles are gone

I also found a “workaround to get the handles back,” not the best, but good enough. If I enter play mode, they reappear.


I couldn’t replicate it, but going by your description, I’ve tried to implement a more robust system.
The fix will be included in the next beta update.