GridMesh between obstacles

I am trying to get a path between two buildings. My node size is 0.5, the space is 1 full unit wide. I cannot find a diameter for collision testing that gives me walkable nodes between the two obstacles, however for very small diameters everything becomes walkable under the objects.
How can I fix this? What do I do wrong?


From what I can see, a diameter of just slightly less than 1 would work well. For example 0.95. A diameter of 1 corresponds to a diameter equal to the width of a node.
The diameter shouldn’t change if things become walkable under the obstacles, at least if you are using box colliders.

I’m using a Diameter of 0.4, height of 0.5, and an offset of 0. Even going down to 0.01 diameter does not work
The collider is a standard box collider

Are you sure the boxes is the source of those unwalkable nodes? If you disable them, do the nodes become walkable?

Here is a snapshot with the right box collider disabled, it is the boxes that are causing it.
I also see it with some trees which have a larger area than they should.

Are you using erosion perhaps?

Yes, it seems to have been erosion. Putting the iterations back to 0 fixed the problem.
Thank you very much.

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