Grid Graph, Recast, & Terrain Trees

Couple questions regarding using Unity’s terrain “Tree” feature and the grid graph and recast graph options with the tool.

With the grid graph I can’t seem to get the scanning to respect the location of the Trees.

In this image the rocks and trees both are placed as trees on the underlying terrain. The scanning basically doesn’t treat them as if they’re on an obstacle layer (the prefabs are set to one).

With the Recast graph, these same objects are respected however I can’t distinguish one from another. For example a tiny rock placed on the terrain I wouldn’t want to block pathfinding but a large one should. Is there any support for distinguishing something like that?

I can move the trees, rocks, etc. outside of the terrain (Polybrush can scatter them about in a similar manner for example)–but in terms of workflow the rest of my team is familiar with it’s one less step if I can get it working with the built in tools.

Also, I really dig the package–well documented and easy to understand!