Grid graph on the cube

Hi, very excellent plugin. I believe that this could be possible but if you could point me to the best solution how to solve the problem. I would like to have each side of the cube setup with the grid, so that we could walk on any side. In the gameplay only side that is up, is playable and the player is always at the top of the cube. when teleported to other side of the cube, cube rotates up to the side where player is, and gameplay continues, but pathfinding is now on different grid. If I make six graphs for each side of the cube and acitvate each grid when player is up, how do I switch graphs and do you have other suggestions how to do it. Thank you.


If the cube/grid is relatively small, maybe a better solution could be to use a single graph and recalculate it whenever the cube rotates (assuming the faces of the cube end up at the same world space positions).
You can recalculate the graph using;