GraphUpdateScene vs Colliders

When do you recommend using colliders instead of GraphUpdateScene component, and vice versa? The more I use this lib the less use I see for colliders, since it seems GraphUpdateScene can do everything?

To be clear, this is only in regards to managing walkable/unwalkable nodes, i.e obstacles.

It also seems if I use colliders to create obstacles, erosion is not properly cleared when removing the obstacle, where it seems GraphUpdateScene has an option for also clearing erosion.

Generally it is much easier to use colliders since most games already have colliders for everything.
It is also faster to scan the graphs when using colliders compared to the GraphUpdateScene component. However if the GraphUpdateScene component works better for you, then by all means use it.

It definitely should be. This is taken into account. Make sure that you pass in the the full bounding box for all colliders that you remove.