GraphUpdateScene isn't exact enough :(

GraphUpdateScene looks like it just modifies the nearest nodes to mark them with a tag.

In this example, green is Tag 0, and red is Tag 1. The GraphUpdateScene component is on the fire object, and it’s supposed to tag the fire to be avoided.

Is there a way to have smarter tag application, by actually adding needed nodes to the navgraph when scanning it? In other words, a bit like this: (crappy drawing as example of tagged area)


Take a look at the video here:

Alternatively you could use a grid graph which often makes these kinds of modifications easier.

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Awesome! It looks like this uses the mesh shape, which is super cool :smiley: Is there a way to just use attached collision boxes?


If the mesh or the collider is used depends on the recast graph’s settings. There is a toggle for ‘rasterize meshes’ and ‘rasterize colliders’ (usually you pick either one or the other).