GraphUpdateObject accuracy

I’m trying to have my AI avoid water objects in the scene, they can’t path through them at all. I’m trying to do it using a GraphUpdateObject, but it’s not very accurate. There’s large sections near the water that gets included in the Water tag update. How can I improve the accuracy of this update, or generate my navmesh to exclude the water layer when generating it? I’m using a recast graph by the way.

I’ve thought about just raising my navmesh scan area up above the ocean. The problem is I also have two smaller ponds in the world too, so it doesn’t solve that problem.


You can use the RecastMeshObj component. Add it to the water surface mesh and then set it to make the surface unwalkable. That will have much higher accuracy than the GraphUpdateObject because it is taken into account when the graph is scanned, the GraphUpdateObject has to operate on the triangles in the generated graph which can be quite large.