Found leak(s) from callstack warning

We are getting bunch of warnings after upgrading to 4.3.84. It happens sometimes after just recompiling code.
Not sure how to reproduce it or why this happens, as I have no knowledge of how jobs or ECS works.


Sorry. I fixed this in an earlier version, but somehow those changes got reverted. I’m not quite sure what happened. I’ll make sure to resolve them before the next update.


Hi @aron_granberg, we have upgraded to 4.3.88, some of the leaks have disappeared, but the biggest one is still present, would you please take a look:


Is it possible for you to get line numbers for that?
I can’t see anything in that job that allocates anything persistently.

Any way how to include line numbers?
I have enabled leak detection with stack trace:

If you disable burst, or enable native debug mode, I think you’ll get line numbers.