FollowerEntity too strict on Y axis?


My character works fine on a flat plane, but I’ve started building my environment and I’m beginning to suffer from quirky behaviour. My FollowerEntity spins on the spot at times, and I think it’s related to the terrain being bumpy and the grid graph not hugging the terrain perfectly so sometimes points on the generated path are below the terrain.

I don’t think increasing the Stop Distance will fix it as that’s just for the destination, not each point in the path. I also don’t see why I should decrease the node size to increase resolution, since the graph is perfectly fine for what I need and instead want the agent to be more lenient/forgiving on the Y axis. Can this please be considered for a patch improvement? Thanks!

Do you have a video of this happening?

Hi Aron, thanks for getting back to me so promptly!

Certainly, here’s a video which I think demonstrates it well. The character spins at points, then frees himself (he doesn’t always manage to free himself). Towards the end of the video I also get up the graph view.


Note the terrain isn’t particularly hilly at the area I’m testing in, but somewhat bumpy and not totally flat (texture may make it appear rougher than it is) - but I can’t think what else would cause it to spin?

Hmm. I think this is the path simplification that is getting confused for some reason. I thought it would handle this case properly…

Do you recommend I change anything my side, or will it require patching? Happy to provide any additional details :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve changed to a recast graph as I think my game would benefit from its ability to represent larger worlds. Since then my character’s movement has improved a lot, so perhaps it’s to do with grid graphs on undulating worlds?

The movement still isn’t perfect, I’m now experiencing my character dropping/falling when traversing places where the recast graph is floating above the undulating ground. I’m guessing a smaller tile size may help with that? I’m tweaking parameters, but it can be hard to know what to tweak so as to not adversely affect performance.