FollowerEntity RVO + Recast Graph + Tag Traversable=False

Is there a difference between how FollowerEntity clamps itself to the graph when it’s a tag-produced obstacle (traversable=false set on the FollowerEntity’s Tags settings) versus a normal obstacle (mesh/collider, its layer targeted on the RecastGraph settings)?

Because that’s what I’m observing. The tag obstacle is much more likely to produce jitter as RVO agents push one another near it. This jitter looks like it’s struggling to clamp back onto the graph.

A normal obstacle never produces jitter. With a collider obstacle, the transition from an agent being on an unwalkable part of the graph to a walkable part of the graph is smooth, not jittery.

I’ve resorted to multiple Recast Graphs with different Per Layer Modifications per agent type instead of using tags that modify walkability on a common graph.