Finding a path that spans multiple graphs

Is it possible to have a seeker find a path that spans more than one graph so long as the graphs are touching. Ive read through a few similar forum posts from a while ago and it seems like you cant place manual connections on grid graphs, so i was thinking of pathing to where the two graphs intersect/overlap and then finding a new path to the actual destination, but im not convinced this is the most elegant solution to my problem.

Alternatively i could use one graph, but the design of the room im going to be pathifinding on (very vertical, lots of overlapping floors and stairs) makes that really tricky. Not sure if this is worth the effort or not.

Using a layered grid graph seems to make the most sense to me, but i cannot for the life of me get it to see two floors directly on top of each other. It just sees the top one and then can’t raycast down to the middle one (which makes sense given my understanding of navmeshes, but i feel like the layered navmesh is supposed to solve this specific problem).

Is there something im doing wrong during the setup of the layered navmesh? I have the top, middle and bottom floor on different layers and the raycast is definitely long enough. Im not sure how to get it to see the overlapping levels


I recommend using a single layered grid graph instead of multiple graphs.
I’m not sure why it wouldn’t see the multiple floors though… Are they all included in the ‘height testing’ layer mask?