Example 11 - RVO (Lag - Warning, Long Post)

Is Example 11 supposed to lag like this? (numbers are in MilliSeconds)

This is the expanded stacktrace:

I just opened the Scene and had the default Settings for everything.

Using the latest Pro version, downloaded from the site directly.

Changing Simulation FPS to 1 gives me these spikes every second.


That seems strange. With default settings (just pressing play) that scene runs at an expected 260 fps for me in the unity editor.

What platform and platform settings are you using? What happens if you change the RVOSimulator to use no threads?

Note however that deep profiling (which it seems like you have enabled) makes the game a lot slower.

I’m on Windows 10 using Unity 2018.2.18f1. Lag won’t disappear with threads/no threads
NOTE: This is not due to deep profiling, I opened it just because I saw the scene lagging ridiculously.


Ok. Do you think you could post another screenshot of the profiler when the RVOSimulator has been set to use no threads?