Error: update to unity 2022.3.21 or later

I had a problem for upgrade the A* Path, I checked the web page, it says required 2021.3.35 and higher, So I installed 2022.3.17f1c1 LTS. But I had error says: “This version of Unity has a bug which cause components in the A* Pathfinding project to randomly stop working. Please update to unity 2022.3.21 or later”
I checked the Unity website, and the hightest version of 2022 is 2022.3.17 and 2021 highest version is 2021.3.34( there is no 2021.3.35).

I am really confused.


There’s a bug in Unity 2022.3.x where x < 21 that can cause things to break. Unity 2021.35+, 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3.21+, 2023 and 6000+ are supported.

I think you might be looking in the wrong place regarding the versions. These can be installed from the unity launcher:

For some reason, my menu for install unity editor does not have 2022.3.23f1 LTS, Idk why. I guess might be the region problem, the Unity China website( does not have 2022.3.23f1, but I checked the it has the version.

Huh, interesting. I hope Unity releases their updates in China soon.
The error was only observed by some users, so if everything seems to work fine, you can probably ignore the error message.

I see, thank you :grinning: :grinning: