Error: out-of-date assets - Unity MPPM

So I encountered an error which took me countless hours to pin down. Unfortunately I can not fix it. I just sent a bug report to Unity just in case, the error is on their side.

I’m using Unity’s Multiplayer Play Mode (MPPM) and can not use it in combination with prefabs with the RichAI script attached.

Steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Install Unity 6000.0.0b13 (2023.2.15f1 is also affected)

  2. Install Multiplayer Play Mode 1.0.0 (0.6 is also affected)

  3. Install A* Pathfinding Project Pro 5.0.6 (all versions from 5.0 and up are affected)

  4. Create a new GameObject

  5. Attack “RichAI” script to the GameObject.

  6. Save this GameObject as a prefab anywhere in your Assets folder.

  7. The GameObject can be removed from the scene.

  8. Enable a virtual player in Multiplayer play mode.

  9. The console of the virtual player should show an error reading: Asset Database is set to Read Only, but it has found out-of-date assets. This should not happen!

If you are using an operating system using a different language than English which is also using “,” as a decimal divider, you will also have to fix another problem in the Multiplayer Play Mode first which has been temporarily resolved here in post #18:

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