Error on Non pro-version


I have recently downloaded the free version to try. I am developing on a Windows machine using Unity 2017.1.1f1 and deploying to the HoloLens.

I can get this to work in dev mode on the Unity editor, however, when I try to deploy to the HoloLens I get the following error:

Assets\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\AstarData.cs(613,35): error CS1061: ‘Type’ does not contain a definition for ‘IsAssignableFrom’ and no extension method ‘IsAssignableFrom’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Type’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Not certain what to do- so any help would be great.


Ah. Annoying .Net changes again…
Try this: Open the AstarData.cs file and replace this line

return FindGraph(graph => type.IsAssignableFrom(graph.GetType()));

with this

return FindGraph(graph => WindowsStoreCompatibility.GetTypeInfo(type).IsAssignableFrom(WindowsStoreCompatibility.GetTypeInfo(graph.GetType())));

Let me know how it goes.


We got past the compile and build so that looks good will let you know if I have any runtime errors on the device.

Thanks so much for the support.

Just a quick question – does you’re A* pick up the spatial mapping layer for HoloLens – normally it is put into layer 31[/quote]


Nice that it’s working now!
My package doesn’t do anything specific for the spatial mapping layer for HoloLens. It can pick up any colliders that you have in the scene, but I’m not sure what that mapping layer does.