Error on importing into existing project

Hi guys,
I imported the latest free version into my project today, and I got this error:

Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AI/AIPath.cs(446,40): error CS0117: Mathfx' does not contain a definition forClamp01’

It’s a gamestopper, so I’ve had to delete it from my project, so could you please suggest a fix. I’m running Unity 4.1.1f4 Pro version, and have never used the asset before, so it’s not an upgrade issue. Thanks.


Look here :

and here :

You probably have another package in your project that produce a name conflict. The “Mathfx” namespace seems to be popular in several projects.

Like the “A* Pathfinding Project” is provided with the source code, if there is no other solution, I think you could rename “Mathfx” to “MathfxAStar”.

Ok, thanks for the prompt response.