Error in 3.7.5 pro beta with Unity 5.3.0

I imported the package into an empty project, ran the api update, then when I opened the project in VS2015 there was a error :

Error CS0170 Use of possibly unassigned field 'bounds' astar3.7.5beta.CSharp D:\unityP\astar3.7.5beta\Assets\AstarPathfindingProject\Generators\RecastGenerator.cs 660 Active

The code in question
else { ExtraMesh smesh; for (int i=0;i<meshes.Count;i++) { if (meshes[i].original == mesh) { smesh = meshes[i]; break; } } smesh.bounds.Encapsulate (filter.GetComponent<Renderer>().bounds); }
Initializing smesh fixed the error, but I’m not sure of the context , so please take a look when you get back from holidays.

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Hm… I cannot find that particular piece of code in my development version, but I have a vague memory of fixing a similar error some time ago, so I think it is already fixed and will be included in the next update. All variables of type ExtraMesh seem to be initialized when they are declared anyway.

Thanks for reporting it!

Thank you for your quick reply! I’m happy to help:smile: