EnsureValidFloodFill() performance spikes with Procedural Grid Mover


I’m currently using the Procedural Grid Mover script in my unity project, which is working fantastically, except that I get pretty big profiler spikes at the end of each grid move when EnsureValidFloodFill() runs. My graph size is 120x120 nodes, which is maybe too big and is causing the problem, but I in saw a post a few years ago someone had a similar question and you mentioned that EnsureValidFloodFill() could be commented out.

I tried this and it removed the spike, but I wasn’t sure if removing the EnsureValidFloodFill() would lead to other issues (memory buildup, pathfinding inaccuracies, etc) and was hoping you could tell me if there would be any consequences to commenting it out.

Thank you for the help!


You could try using the beta version which has some optimizations for this use case.
See https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download

The optimizations in the beta seemed to help, thank you!