Does the plugin support "hot reloading" yet?

If I re-compile code at runtime, the A* pathfinding grid breaks. This is a big problem for me, since I constantly re-compile code at runtime when debugging issues.

Two years ago, I asked a colleague of mine to edit the plugin to enable hot reloading. He was able to do it. So, I’ve been using the 2018 version of the plugin for the past two years.

I recently updated to Unity 2019, and now I see this in the Inspector: I presume that if I updated to the latest version, this issue would go away. However, updating would also break my colleague’s hot reload edits, reverting me back to a point in time when I can’t re-generate the A* pathfinding grid at runtime.

So, I’d like to ask, does this plugin support hot reloading yet?


This is not supported I’m afraid.
I’m curious what your colleague did to make it support hot reloading. I can’t imagine he preserved all the data as there are a lot of very complicated referencing going on.

I would also suggest you use a version control system like git, so that you can apply those changes on top of an updated version like a patch.