Does not count as arrived if location Y distance is too far

This has been happening through our entire project and I’d like to finally fix it. When a unit sets a position on anything that is raised over the ground, they sometimes dont “arrive” when they reach the x/z of the destination, I’m assuming since y-distance is too far. (If I manually grab the unit and force him down the remaining y-distance, he “arrives” properly, so its 100% the cause.

I’m using grid graph.

How can i make sure they ignore y-distance?



That’s true. The agent will not consider the destination reached if it is more than half it’s height below the agent’s feet.
Is there a reason you cannot make the grid graph follow the bridge’s y-coordinate?

You can check ai.reachedEndOfPath to see if it has reached the end of the path, regardless of what the destination is set to.

Due to some of this stuff has to handle a ton of different scenarios as well as save/load we found no way to make the grid graph follow the bridge and still work properly.

I will try ur suggestion!