Does A* support volumetric/voxel/6DOF pathfinding?

Does A* support volumetric/voxel/6DOF pathfinding? I’m not sure if I’m asking the right thing exactly. Something like a spaceship or helicopter navigating a 3d space where in addition to left/right/forward/back, it can also ascend/descend.

Ideally it would also support normal ground-based pathfinding as well, so a game could have a mix of ground-based units as well as air-based units.

I could probably fake air units just with a separate navmesh and having the altitude handled by a script or something, but that seems like it could get messy, having to do separate altitude avoidance etc.


Sorry, this is not supported by this package, I’m afraid.

You can create a point graph with a 3D structure. That will work, but you will run into limits pretty quickly, as the number of nodes required for even a medium-sized level will be huge.

Ok thanks! Maybe that can become a future feature or completely separate product idea someday.