Disappearing Graph Tags


I’ve assigned a RecastMeshObj component to my mesh and assigned it the following properties:

When I scan the graph, I can clearly see the tagged area in the editor.

However, as soon as I enter play mode, the graph seems to default back to the same color as everything else. Entities don’t seem to take the penalty into account either.

I’ve looked through the RecastTags sample project and don’t really see what I may be missing. From running that example, the tagged parts of the graph should be the same color in both editor mode and play mode.


One important consideration is that navmesh cuts do not play well with tags or penalties. It’s very hard for the system to preserve tags and penalties as navmesh cuts are applied. It will do its best, but for the most part there’s just no “correct” way to preserve them.
So I would recommend that if you use tags/penalties on your recast graph, only use regular graph updates, and no navmesh cuts.

You were 100% correct. Once I removed the navmesh cuts, everything looked as expected. I was hoping to steer units to use a sidewalk, but I’ll try and find another way to make that happen because the navmesh cuts are pretty important. Thanks for your help!

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