Difference between isStopped, canMove, and RichAI.enabled?

Just trying to figure out when to use all of these. Even after using the plugin for a while, I think I still don’t quite understand when to use each one of these. Can you explain clearly what each of them does and some examples of when you should use them?


  • isStopped: Will make the agent slow down to a halt, but it will keep its path and will react to local avoidance. This is the recommended option in most situations.
  • canMove: Disables the internal movement calculations completely. This is mostly intended for when you want to override the movement logic using ai.MovementUpdate. It will not react to local avoidance (unless you call ai.MovementUpdate and act on the result).
  • RichAI.enabled: Disables the agent completely. Similar to canMove, but does not allow you to override the movement logic.
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thank you so much! exactly what i needed.

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