Deleting NodeLink2 causes exceptions on rescanning or loading cache

I’m trying to create 3d navmesh with links for jumps.
If i delete any of the nodelinks, i get exceptions and loose all graphs and navmeshes.
I want to make link generation automatic and there will be a lot of creation and deletion of links.

For now solved by removing exception throws.

Caught exception while deserializing data.
System.Exception: Tried to deserialize a NodeLink2 reference, but the link could not be found in the scene.
If a NodeLink2 is included in serialized graph data, the same NodeLink2 component must be present in the scene when loading the graph data.
at Pathfinding.NodeLink2.DeserializeReferences (Pathfinding.Serialization.GraphSerializationContext ctx) [0x00130] in E:\platform controller test\Assets\Thirdparty\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\Misc\NodeLink2.cs:303
at Pathfinding.Serialization.AstarSerializer.DeserializeNodeLinks (Pathfinding.GraphNode[] int2Node) [0x00023] in E:\platform controller test\Assets\Thirdparty\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\Serialization\JsonSerializer.cs:724
at Pathfinding.Serialization.AstarSerializer.DeserializeExtraInfo () [0x00065] in E:\platform controller test\Assets\Thirdparty\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\Serialization\JsonSerializer.cs:712
at Pathfinding.AstarData.DeserializeGraphsPartAdditive (Pathfinding.Serialization.AstarSerializer sr) [0x0005e] in E:\platform controller test\Assets\Thirdparty\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\AstarData.cs:401
at Pathfinding.AstarData.DeserializeGraphsAdditive (System.Byte[] bytes) [0x0001b] in E:\platform controller test\Assets\Thirdparty\AstarPathfindingProject\Core\AstarData.cs:368
Pathfinding.AstarData:DeserializeGraphsAdditive(Byte[]) (at Assets/Thirdparty/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AstarData.cs:378)
Pathfinding.AstarData:DeserializeGraphs(Byte[]) (at Assets/Thirdparty/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AstarData.cs:351)
Pathfinding.AstarData:LoadFromCache() (at Assets/Thirdparty/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AstarData.cs:268)
Pathfinding.AstarPathEditor:OnEnable() (at Assets/Thirdparty/AstarPathfindingProject/Editor/AstarPathEditor.cs:103)

Did you fix this? Having the same issue


If a node link is included in the serialized graph, you will need to have the same node link present in the scene.

You could also exclude all links when you save the graph to a file, and then instead just create all links as if they were new, after your game has loaded the graphs.