Debug Degenerate Geometry

Hello, I’ve recently begun experiencing this error appearing consistently in my project:

I’m using a pretty standard setup utilizing the FollowerEntity. Is there a good way to debug where this degenerate geometry is? Or which entity is experiencing this issue?

I’ve removed all instanced of NavmeshCuts from my scene, so the graph shouldn’t be updating at runtime to create any bad geometry.

I’m using v5.1.1 and Unity 2022.3.21f1.


That’s strange. If it happens, it should happen consistently around a single location in the mesh? Are you seeing that?

Unfortunately my level was big and had a lot of units, so I couldn’t really determine where it was happening. That’s why I was hoping to log some additional information to figure that out.
Since then I reduced the size of my mesh and reduced the number of units and the error has gone away for now.