D* and Hybrid A*

Hi, Aron,
I am making a city simulator in unity, and your pro version works perfectly for pedestrians especially RVO system.
But general a* won’t work for intelligent autonomous vehicle pathplanning. I found dynamic astar and hybrid astar algorithms are really good.But both of them are lacking implementation not only in .net c# but also in unity. Since your project is fully implemented (with AAA quality),
is t possible to implement D* and hybrid A* in your project, just customize node class and search algorithm for grid graph or point graph?

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I’m doing the same.
I’ve been kludging car driving using A* but it’s not great (using old 3.x A* – I’m still working on the upgrade to 4.x) :

Btw have you seen this


Neither D* nor Hybrid A* are particularly easy to implement using this package. It is possible to just modify the node types to do this, but it’s not a trivial amount of code.
It is more geared towards regular A*. Replanning is however pretty fast, so you can get pretty far by just updating the graph and recalculating the path completely like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HcMYCS08XQ

Hi, Arakade,
Yes, I have seen that post about Hybrid A star search and actually, the reason I wrote this post is part from this blog, but it is so hard to implement this algorithm into aron’s project perhaps I am not good enough.
Maybe you want to look at this post it is very instructive to me.
I would like to discuss more about vehicle path planning.