Create GraphUpdateObject for nodes intersecting rotated box collider

Hey Aron,

I was wondering if there’s an easy, fast, built-in way to create a GraphUpdateObject that will modify nodes that intersect a rotated box collider. Right now I’m having to use Bounds which is axis-aligned which causes my dynamic grid obstacle to add penalties to nodes that aren’t touching my box collider when the collider is rotated. You can see what I’m talking about in the pic



Sorry for not getting you an answer sooner.

You might want to look at

This is more customizable than the object :slight_smile:

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In addition to what @ToastyStoemp said, it might be easier to use the GraphUpdateScene component which allows you to specify these points in the scene view directly.

If I’m not mistaken he intended to move the object during play mode.

That’s possible too. One can use the GraphUpdateScene.Apply function during runtime.

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I ended up going with GraphUpdateShape and it worked perfectly.

Thank you both for the responses!